"Bound to Make an Impact on Country's Surveillance and Security planning!"

Artificial Intelligence based border security solutions are becoming more and more common as the technology becomes more sophisticated. These solutions use artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and identify potential threats at the border.

Seethos’s solution is time tested that enhances surveillance activities through object detection across large areas of borders. The solution helps military establishments to refocus security personnel efforts on responding to intruder crossings and other security breaches rather than conducting ad hoc patrols. Seethos's solution employs artificial intelligence (A.I.) algorithms to detect persons and a host of objects at border crossings.

The solution has several advantages over traditional border security methods. It is much more efficient and can detect threats much faster. It is more accurate than humans and can identify threats that humans may miss.

Seethos has employed the best-in-class technology and utilizes collated available data combined with machine-learning algorithms to better anticipate intruder activity and potential threats and helps to deploy resources at security checkpoints to protect the borders.

Seethos’s solution detects 11 classes multiple objects (with one model) including two-wheeler, cars, trucks, humans, animals, a-vehicle, artillery gun, helicopter, drones, mortars, and variety of weapons.

How it works:
  • As soon as the cameras detect an intruder or any suspicious activity at the borders the system sends alerts with the video feed.
  • Human verified alerts through the vigilant security personnel instantly alert the forward posts.
Command Centre Integration

The solution can be interfaced with a state-of-the-art command center under the supervision of military or border security personnel. The command centre will function round the clock manned by trained security personnel who potentially rely on the real time videos from the borders when a threat is detected. The command centre is alerted in real-time with any threat and once humanly verified by the security personnel will notify the decision makers. Updates are relayed to the forward teams till the thread is neutralized.

  • Video Surveillance using Ground Based Cameras such as CC TV/PTZ/Thermal
  • Video Surveillance using Aerial Platforms like Drones. Video Surveillance using Drone mounted cameras cover huge area where the deployment of CC TVs is neither practical nor economical.
  • Video Surveillance Solutions to detect intruders, vehicles, persons carrying weapons that can work 24/7.
  • AI Models will run on the edge device in near real time and the results can be communicated to the ground stations.
  • Comprehensive & User-Friendly Dashboards
  • Easy detection of suspicious people and objects.
  • Managing data becomes easier with A.I. data analytics. This leads to better decision making and low risks.
  • Easy detection and review of suspicious activities on the A.I. dashboard.
  • Provides amazing support functions for better internal and external operations.
  • Cost effective and efficient in identifying and neutralizing threats.