Digital Transformation

Digital experience is no longer just a part of a strategy: it is now an expected part of delivery!

Where to begin!

You're undoubtedly wondering where to start with these top technology trends in mind, as well to stay relevant and compete in 2021 and beyond. The obvious response may seem overdone but focusing on the member journey and experience is critical. Seethos Chatbots are A.I. based NLP powered and are domain agonistic. We are servicing some of the premium clients into Banking, Credit Unions, Hospitality, and other industries across regions.

Chatbots are one of the means!
  • Artificial Intelligence has the potential to do precisely that when properly integrated, allowing chatbots to answer frequently requested queries.
  • Provide a more robust and delightful customer experience through chatbots.
  • Chatbots, in conjunction with a searchable knowledge engagement platform, provide a better digital-first experience for customers.
  • They free up important time for customer support agents to focus on higher-level concerns.
  • It's a win-win situation for the businesses eager to embrace the digital transformation trend.
Improved Consumer Experience

Recent data on Consumer Experience Solutions shows that the number one reason consumers switch to other service providers is because they “get the run-around”.

Improved Employee Experience

If agents were freed up to have more meaningful conversations, they desire vs. rushing off the phone to get to the next consumer?

Lower Support Costs

Automated support is much cheaper than human support. Chatbots provide a great way to provide the first line of support by answering the high-volume inquiries that are driving up your support costs. 

Increase Product Engagement

Chatbots provide a great tool to engage consumers, drive them through an experience to deliver not just more product engagement, but also higher conversion rates. 

Valuable Member Insights

Chatbots provide invaluable data that give insights into what consumers are asking, how they are behaving and how organizations can proactively provide a better experience.


Seethos A.I. Chatbot Framework right fit to Credit Unions 

Chatbot Base Specifications

  • Integration with third party softwares
  • Client defined features
  • Accuracy of the data ensured with deep learning and AI models
  • customer profiling
  • Web & Mobile friendly
  • Handles minimum many concurrent Chat Sessions
  • Virtual Personality as per branding guidelines
  • Domain specific functions, questions & answers can be customized
  • Provides Customer Analytics and Bot Behavior Analysis.
  • Can be configured on popular social media mediums for non-transactional tasks

Ensure that your team aims to create an integrated experience that is free of impediments and daily clutter. The greatest way to do this is to go on your own journey. Set aside some time to experience what it's like to open a bank account or apply for a credit card. This will provide you the best and quickest chance to streamline operations and make progress on improvements through chatbots.

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