Interactive Customer Solutions

Millennial customers are ever demanding and wish to get instant resolutions to their queries. The new age interactive customer solutions through our chatbots to keep you ahead of the technology curve.

Chatbot Benefits
  • Increase product & customer engagement
  • Target and market to tech-oriented and millennial customers
  • Lower support costs to drive higher returns
  • Gain valuable customer data insights
  • Improves consumer experience
  • Improves employee experience
Seethos A.I. Assistant Framework to fit in any Industry:
  • Innovative Dialog Flow & Repository
  • Core NLP Engine
  • Intent Classification
  • Entity Extraction & Recognition
  • Context Aware Conversation
  • Multiple Avatars
  • Users Chat History
  • Continuous Improvement of data quality & chatbot accuracy
  • Supports Multiple Languages

  • Integration with third party softwares
  • Client defined features
  • Accuracy of the data ensured with deep learning and AI models
  • customer profiling
  • Web & Mobile friendly
  • Handles minimum many concurrent Chat Sessions
  • Virtual Personality as per branding guidelines
  • Domain specific functions, questions & answers can be customized
  • Provides Customer Analytics and Bot Behavior Analysis.
  • Can be configured on popular social media mediums for non-transactional tasks