Broader Solutions

Beyond the industry-specific applications for Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) solutions, we have seen that our solutions can produce broad benefits in the public sector, with non-governmental entities, foundations, non-profits, and even public-private partnerships. SAI can be taught to observe patterns in empirical and partially-related data and predict how patterns might repeat or emerge to pose new opportunities and solve the problems or risks of today and tomorrow. When people and machines work together, SAI can add value to enhance and extend both accuracy and operational capabilities.

Where Trust Doesn’t Count

Recent trends have made it abundantly clear that individual and rogue actors have few limits when masked by cyber profiles and behind the supposed anonymity of the internet. SAI is designed to integrate and assimilate security and network data, application data, and mainframe data, and even deep web insights to predict and prevent cyber threats in the public and private sectors. Regardless of the type of governing body for an organization, managing cyber security intelligently is absolutely critical.

Name Your Problem

The applications for Seethos Artificial Intelligence are not limited by an industry, vertical, or organization type. We pride ourselves on flexibility in how we employ the most advanced machine learning solutions to solve almost any problem. From video analytics to cognitive computing to reactive machines, our solutions provide a technical and operational advantage unique to the challenge that we hope can make a better tomorrow.