Swarm of Drones

An integrated unmanned aerial solution for larger area surveillance and reconnaissance. Combat, Security and Surveillance are one of the biggest growth areas in the ever-expanding unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) sector. Swarm of Drones is an integrated AI based solution that runs both on edge devices (drones/UAVs) and also on the systems of ground-based command centers.

  • Secure Government Installations & Civilian Areas
  • Multiple configurations possible combat, surveillance, and security
  • Near real time Video Surveillance
  • Geo Tagging of the detected objects
  • Real time tracking of objects
  • Destroying enemy targets with precision
  • Communication within the fleet of drones
  • Communication with the central stations on the ground
  • Easy deployment and less maintenance

Seethos has demonstrated Swarm of Drones as a startup initiative of BDL.

Salient Features:
  • Consists of a network of drones that can span across an operational area
  • Inter drone communication as well as communication with centralized ground stations
  • Network consists of different drone types based on their payload, range & bandwidth
  • Deep Neural Networks/CNN based object detection, segmentation & tracking on both onboard as well as at the ground stations
  • GPS denied Navigation Capability
Use Cases:
  • 24/7 surveillance with the long-range cameras
  • Payload drop can carry out with in the coverage area
  • Ground strike for the front line support
  • Medical emergency support for ground troops
  • Image identification and target geolocation identification