Defence Solutions

AI based Video Surveillance with Automatic Alerts

Seethos has built an A.I. powered Video Surveillance & Analytics solution with automated alerts for the Indian Army.

The custom-built solution utilizes cutting edge deep learning based computer vision technologies. The solution detects spectrum of various military objects in real time under all weather conditions, day, and night using thermal cameras.

It's intuitive user interface and dashboard provides a complete picture of potential threats and situational awareness. The solution records each alert for further in-depth investigation and analysis.

The solution is deployed at multiple locations and acknowledged and appreciated by senior military personnel. Our client’s testimonial helps you to understand how Seethos is adding value with mission critical defense solutions.

Swarm of Drones

An integrated unmanned aerial solution for larger area surveillance and reconnaissance. Combat, Security and Surveillance are one of the biggest growth areas in the ever-expanding unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) sector. Swarm of Drones is an integrated AI based solution that runs both on edge devices (drones/UAVs) and also on the systems of ground-based command centers.

  • Secure Government Installations & Civilian Areas
  • Multiple configurations possible combat, surveillance, and security
  • Near real time Video Surveillance
  • Geo Tagging of the detected objects
  • Real time tracking of objects
  • Destroying enemy targets with precision
  • Communication within the fleet of drones
  • Communication with the central stations on the ground
  • Easy deployment and less maintenance

Seethos has demonstrated Swarm of Drones as a startup initiative of BDL.

Salient Features:
  • Consists of a network of drones that can span across an operational area
  • Inter drone communication as well as communication with centralized ground stations
  • Network consists of different drone types based on their payload, range & bandwidth
  • Deep Neural Networks/CNN based object detection, segmentation & tracking on both onboard as well as at the ground stations
  • GPS denied Navigation Capability
Use Cases:
  • 24/7 surveillance with the long-range cameras
  • Payload drop can carry out with in the coverage area
  • Ground strike for the front line support
  • Medical emergency support for ground troops
  • Image identification and target geolocation identification