From primary grades to higher education, the Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) team is working to meet the demand for advanced training, increased efficiency, improved student-teacher communication, as well as course and career planning for students. Student assessments, secondary study solutions such as virtual tutors, campus information and events, and degree requirements are all functions demanding enhanced processing through artificial intelligence.

Scholarship, Orientation and Student Metrics

Students and families require a very personalized process for everything from the application process to course selection, graduation requirements, extra help, and financial aid. These core components are formidable tasks that may take teams of experts at any institution, but can all be significantly augmented with the right A.I. solution. We employ chatbots to facilitate instant interaction with students in a manner that looks, feels and intelligibly conveys a human interaction. We use intelligent visual analytics and process mappings to help students determine schedules and requirements with ease while ensuring their planned path takes them toward their defined graduation requirements.

The Campus Microcosm

Key to a successful institute of modern education is the functioning of the entire campus, which often includes an entire city of infrastructure, services, facilities, events, law enforcement, and student functions. The interconnectedness of the campus microcosm is prime for augmented intelligence. SAI enables greater security, reduced operating costs, enhanced social experiences, and better education. SAI can use facial recognition to secure facilities and even track attendance. We facilitate status and communication with faculty, students and parents with a combination of natural language processing and speech recognition. We also use neural networks to guide educators in assisting students with course work, deliverable integrity, and career & internship planning.

Accredited education is another field that requires comprehensive compliance with many regulations like maintaining compliance in student functions, curriculum, educator qualifications, facilities, security, network, internet use and many more. SAI is functionally and strategically designed to meet these demands without having to add more personnel to support them. Our systems intelligently assess both compliance and risk dynamically while  identifying opportunities for improvement.