Financial Services

Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) serves several types of clients in the financial services industry: from banks and investment institutions to insurance, in-house finance departments and financial tech platforms.

24/7 Automated & Personalized Customer Assistance

Customer interaction doesn’t follow traditional “banker’s hours” today. Client services must be always available, direct, personal, and relatable. SAI is central to meeting and exceeding client demands for better customer service with chatbots, personal financial assistants, and conversational artificial intelligence that both understands client requests and determines how to solve unscripted issues. The nature of client communications in financial services drives the highly personal capabilities we build into virtual advisors that guide clients based on their interests, habits, assets, and objectives.

More recently, our integration with client social media also provides greater insight and drives better customer loyalty. This life-centric integration of intelligence ensures customer information as valued, incorporated, and protected based on their  interests. Similarly, our chat-enabled transaction services allow customers to request and execute transactions while on the go. Our predictive analytics and information extraction services enable forecasting and modeling in near-real time that traditionally requires processing the entire dataset before solutions are derived.

Cognitive Computing and Risk Identification

Banks, investment firms, and insurance companies are in the business of managing risk to maximize profits. These organizations and others that practice in financial management manage information and calculate advanced formulas at rates that often exceed human capacity. Progress in computing power has often been driven by the demands of companies in financial services. From mainframes to secure internet transactions, financial services rely on speed and accuracy to create profit and minimize risk. SAI is purpose-built for these functions. Our cognitive computing for financial services ingest data faster, generate accurate answers faster, and identify risks and opportunities faster than teams of people traditionally do.

Security and Compliance

Financial institutions in the U.S. were fined more than $25.6 billion in 2018 for violations relating to fraud, anti-money laundering, counter terror, and sanctions. Even when applications and practices are in place to prevent illegal activity, failure to catch illicit intent by customers can result in costly fines and penalties. SAI solutions are designed to go beyond heuristic and modeled behavior and look for patterns that may be interpreted as noncompliant.

SAI  algorithms can identify deceptive practices and efforts to conceal intent or regulated behavior. This becomes the key when a financial services company can be held accountable for the actions of clients or employees who use their services. Deep learning neural networks have been proven to identify nefarious activities that even human investigators often overlook. Expert investigators using SAI bionic advisory tools can produce a level of machine calculations and human insight for options that are much more efficient than what their individual components provide.