Remodeling Financial Sector

A.I. is transforming the financial sector to become customer centric. A.I. provides significant insights to better understand each customer and provide them the specific products and services to personalize their experience and engagement.

Seethos A.I. fintech solutions encompasses a wide range of solutions:
  • Realtime ATM Video Surveillance
  • eKYC
  • Customer Profiling & Servicing
  • Loan & Credit Eligibility Prediction
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Digitization of unstructured Data
  • Chatbots and Digital Assistants
Realtime ATM Video Surveillance

Banks face many challenges in today’s market to ensure 24/7 security at their ATMs under various environments. Seethos A.I. technology blends hardware and software to identify specific suspicious scenarios to ensure ATM security by providing real-time A.I.-based video surveillance that detect specific activities at ATMs to automatically alert designated personnel.

Video eKYC

Seethos has built an unique AI based Facial Authentication solution for verifying the identity of users/customers during the ekyc process. Our solution helps mitigate impersonation and fraud within the verification system using the static photographs and other means.

This solution’s benefits include:
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  • Verify the identity of the client when opening an account and periodically over time
  • Facilitates customer to upload Government approved identification proofs
  • Seamless verification on the photographs/live video snippets submitted during the ekyc process
  • API driven solution ensures seamless communication between the Face Verification System and Core banking system and end to end encryption helps the transaction thread to be secured
  • Built in signature verification feature
Customer Profiling & Servicing

The Seethos platform is built on artificial intelligence and machine learning using multiple data sources. Customer Segmentation is the process of dividing customer bases into several groups of individuals that share similarities in different ways. It provides high value-add insights to financial service institutions such as:

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  • Creating revenue-driving personalized customer experiences by providing relevant offers to customers.
  • Identify optimum distribution strategy for new products/services.
  • Creating targeted campaigns for specific customer segments to increase sales and revenue.
  • Increasing engagement with current and prospective customers.
Predictive Analytics

Machine learning analyzes data, makes assumptions, learns through trials and usage, and provides predictions at a scale and depth of detail impossible for individual human analysts.

Loan & Credit Eligibility Prediction

The Seethos loan & credit eligibility solution is built on A.I. and machine learning using multiple internal and external data sources. The usual dependency on third party credit ratings can be avoided since the solution identifies the candidates through available internal Data Sources such as relationship with bank, credit/debit transactions over a period, existing loans, income, assets, dependents & demographics.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis mines through various textual sources such as online/offline conversations. Seethos’ Sentiment Analysis solution can provide analytics and insights on customers such as:

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  • Feedback on products, services, partners and others
  • Helps in Reorienting Strategies towards specific products & services
  • Helps in understanding Customers better by various demographic segments
  • Helps in removing inefficiencies in processes thereby increasing the customer satisfaction levels
Digitization of unstructured Data
Digitizing & Uploading Unstructured Data into Banking Systems

Seethos recommends OCR technology for data capture and utilization for various customer inputs, forms, and data classification. Seethos utilizes RPA (Robot Process Automation) components to remove the burden of manually entering all customer information on these documents into automated systems.

Intelligent Data Extraction Services

A.I. OCR can identify and interpret the text of physical documents and convert them into digital formats. Content from handwritten documents can be extracted and stored in the database. A.I. OCR thus avoids the huge number of hours of manual entry with automated text extraction and classification.

Chatbots and Digital Assistants

Chatbots and Digital Assistants answer customers’ questions related to an organization’s products, services & procedures. They help reduce call center overhead costs by providing 24/7 assistance while also generating customer data analytics through its usage. Benefits include:

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  • Customer engagement
  • Increase product engagement
  • Engage millennials
  • Lower support costs
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Improves consumer experience
  • Improves employee experience