Hospitality & Travel

Seethos Artificial Intelligence solutions are purposebuilt for each client and service. Seethos Hospitality and Travel technologies address every relevant aspect of hotels, airports, train stations, airlines, and their nearly countless components and functions.

Global Demand, Individual Expectancy

Today’s travelers increasingly expect more intelligent systems and voice interactions that are customized to their needs. Our deep learning models employ multi-layered neural networks that adapt to the user and the situation in real time; not just a pre-defined menu option. The challenge is in enabling the user to focus on their task rather than the limitations of the interaction model provided by the system they’re using.

The travel & hospitality industry’s financial, logistical, and security are as enormous as they are complex, and every day travelers are demanding more ease and convenience than ever before. This translates to lower costs at their own selection, minimal room for discrepancy or human/system error, and increased personalization. Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) ensures travelers, hotel guests, the hospitality industry at large, and governments’ expectations are met at the speed of life.

Features and Value-Add

Logical selections have been integral to the travel and hospitality industry as long as transportation has been available in each of its forms. SAI solutions can be enabled to include:

  1. Direct messaging and smart chatbot services to provide instant answers 24/7 to hotel guests for maximum hospitality
  2. Make requests such as room service, extra towels, early check-in or late check and recommendations for nearby attractions.
  3. Integrate language translation to fulfill requests and accommodate international guests
  4. Personalization and tailored recommendations for travelers and guests based on advanced knowledge of the customer, availability, and preferences.
  5. Accurate predictions with intelligent models based on interactions and responses
  6. Converting search patterns into viable needs, and understanding customers’ travel objectives

We Understand and Relate

Travelers, service agents, maintenance personnel, security managers, and even jurisdictional government bodies demand a human-like experience and self-managed services. Wait time is seen as a waste of their time, and speaking with a system that requires they punch seven for the desired option just doesn’t cut it. SAI solutions provide customerfacing interaction that allows flexibility and personalized services 24/7.  

Safety, Security, and Efficiency

Central to every aspect of travel and hospitality today is the safety and security of the people, product, equipment, and facilities involved. The risks far exceed the profit and loss statement, and far outweigh the public relations impact. Facial recognition and behavior analysis have become critical to success, security, and national defense.

One of the greatest challenges in this space is the complexity of systems, data, and the limitations of accurate, actionable intelligence. SAI employs geospatial, sentimental, trend and anomaly visualization, and cryptic messaging extraction to bring the risk of disaster as close to zero as possible. We combine the complexities of traveler data, security or aerial footage, embargo and sanctions data, deep and dark web intelligence, and more to deliver the most advanced operational intelligence available.

Back Office Augmentation

The guys and gals in the back office are more than just invisible providers of data. With SAI solutions, your systems’ operators and network/security operations centers have real-time analysis and systems that can effectively “learn” and adapt to operational and customer interactions without having to wait for major system upgrades or manual emergency fixes. The tasks that are performed in the back office become a fluid component in the system of the organization. SAI can help infer a client’s profile and predict maintenance needs with intelligent systems to augment staff workload.