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Legal Demand for Augmented Insights

While old school legal expertise and grit are essential to success, Seethos enables law firms and in-house legal departments to work more accurately, more efficiently, and more convincingly to a client’s advantage through artificial intelligence. Our leadership consists of attorneys & legal professionals who understand that the legal profession often contains tasks that may not rely or require an attorney’s greatest strengths – lawyering – which translate to a slower pace and a less efficient application of time.

In the case of in-house legal teams, Seethos’ Artificially Intelligent (SAI) solutions can provide the enterprise insight for regulatory compliance by intelligently interfacing enterprise systems to match specific risk and compliance thresholds. SAI provides advanced awareness of the relationships between accounts, services, operations, and other corporate systems to in-house legal teams. From bot-defined smart contracts to social media & call monitoring to predictive modeling for compliance impact, Seethos legal and compliance solutions can help in-house teams perform more effectively.

Demand Answered: Intelligent Systems

Seethos has developed the tools to improve efficiencies for law firms, in-house counsel, and compliance departments. SAI chatbots can analyze internal processes, time allocation, client interactions, and repetitive tasks to offload and automate the work to maximize performance. Chatbots maximize the value of client interactions and enable attorneys and staff to be far more effective.

When a client, employee or consumer reaches out with a technical question regarding their issue or need guidance on searching for relevant rule-based information, SAI chatbots can analyze that interaction and provide intelligent results on the fly – even while an attorney is in court or busy with another client. When a billing assistant is preparing an invoice, SAI chatbots can analyze assigned calendars and client notes to identify relevant tasks and intelligently tag them.

Enhance Every Opportunity

When a potential client is seeking information about a firm’s ability to lead their case, a chatbot assistant can identify the fit, case potential, time availability, and even schedule the appointment. Taking it further, appointments can be augmented with case analytics, references, and applicable legal references. They can also review and extract relevant information embedded within large documents to increase efficiency and save time.

Features and Value-Add

SAI chatbot assistants employ the complex functions and analysis of an experienced human or team of humans, and interact fluidly for easy user experience. Some efficiencies and benefits our chatbot assistants can deliver include:

Once deployed, each question, interaction, challenge, and response is logged for human and system analysis. Machine learning algorithms then employ the analyzed data to improve future results. This is the opposite of relying on a person that is just an expert at their jobs. Every decision is traceable back to source data and the relevant logic is applied. This is just another way SAI solutions minimize risk and maximizes potential.

Seethos Artificial Intelligence Legal Bot

We, at, a team of legal and technology experts in the top class, build Virtual Assistants to attorneys / legal firms at affordable cost. These virtual assistants attract more visitors and boost the financial inflow of your firm.

Some of the benefits of implementing an Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Legal Assistant are as follow:


Seethos has a proprietary core A.I. engine utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and understanding to identify a person’s questions, intent, context, and generates responses in an instant messaging format.

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More good news:

Get free access to more than thirty thousand (30,000) immigration questions and answers.

We have partnered with NALA P.C,( a Washington D.C legal firm and trained our Bot with more than thirty thousand (30,000+) immigration questions and answers. We are planning to add about twelve (12) more practice areas:  bankruptcy, taxation, contracts, personal injury, criminal law, family law, litigation, estate planning, corporate/business/partnership law, employment law, real estate, Finance/securities law, intellectual property, and international transactions.

NALA P.C.  ( has world’s largest virtual lawyer network. Join them for free and use their question and answer databases for free. Bot will be trained on the practice areas you choose.