A.I.-Powered Future Proof Security Solutions

Security personnel today can be more effective with Seethos AI powered security solutions that provide preventive and predictive alerts of incidents. Our proprietary technology based on Object Detection and Object Tracking is the perfect solution in such scenarios. Our deep learning expertise in security encompasses Video Based Surveillance, Facial Recognition, and Intruder & Arms Detection.

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Benefits of our security solutions include:
  • Support for both analog & IP cameras that does not call for new investments (typically CCTVs and may be PTZ cameras)
  • Thermal Imaging models for Night/Low Light Conditions
  • Near real time communication between the host center and on field locations
  • Multi Process Programming to achieve high scalability to support any number of cameras
  • Near Real Time Processing using the Single Shot Object Detection Models
  • Image and Video clarity through Noise Reduction Techniques
  • Highly accurate ML models trained using huge amount of data and powerful neural networks
  • Highly Flexible & Versatile User Interfaces & Dashboards
  • Saving & Archiving of all events and videos for future analysis or investigation
  • Built in Bells & Whistles in terms of alarms, buzzers, and SMS integrations
AI Based Automatic Gun Detection System

Seethos Gun detection system ideal solution to detect and alert designated personnel.
The alerts will enable to stop, avoid any mass shooting incidents amounting to saving massive human life while being commercially viable.

  • Works with existing cameras
  • Multiple video feeds can be configured and processed
  • Detects persons carrying weapons.
  • Raises alarms to security personnel.
  • Stores images for further investigations
  • Configure objects, alarms etc.,
  • Records all events into database
  • Supports normal and thermal cameras 24/7
ATM Security Solutions

Recent surveys show that banks have reduced physically manning ATMs due to growing costs to have security guards round the clock. Our A.I. ATM solution provides banks with continuous analytics from the video feeds to notify of any unforeseen or suspicious activities.

  • Centralized monitoring bank’s ATM network
  • Fully configurable system as per bank requirements
  • Unlimited ATMs can be managed with seamless integration via the command center
  • Security staff will utilize the feeds provided by the IP cameras to have complete control and vigil at all ATMs
  • The notification module triggers alarms when any unexpected activity to designated personnel and authorities such as bank and branch managers, security staff, or law enforcement.
Automated Facial Recognition Solution

Seethos facial recognition solutions searches an existing database of faces (pictures or video snipetes) and compares them with the faces detected in the scene to find a match. Highlights of the solution:

  • Seamless verification of the photographs / videos submitted during the process
  • API driven solution ensures faster communication
  • ID verification system
  • Personalization
  • Applications
Facial Authentication and Verification:

Replace traditional badges by comparing real time facial features of the personnel against their pictures stored in the database and allow them at the entrance. This way companies can restrict intruders.

Combine surveillance cameras to scan and identify specific shoppers or customers. One goal: identifying suspicious characters and potential shoplifters.

Help investigation departments and internal security units to address criminal or mischievous activities.

Intruder and Arms detection solutions
Gated Communities & Estates

Today, most gated communities use security systems based on analogue manual models. Seethos’ A.I based intruder and arms detection system can help automatically identify intruders 24x7 and raise alarms for security guards to take necessary action.

Poacher Detection:
Governments across the world are trying to stop wildlife animal poaching. Seethos aims to help protect endangered species and wildlife by detecting poachers and weapons of unauthorized intruders on private property or conservation areas. We can provide a 24x7 poacher detection surveillance and animal tracking based on the inputs of local government policies and procedures.

Illegal Immigration:
Many countries are trying to curb illegal immigration from neighboring countries. Our automated intruder detection system can detect and alarm border security 24x7. The system can be trained with requisite data and set parameters to raise alarms as deemed necessary.

Schools & Universities:
Schools and universities have become soft targets for armed gunmen with indiscriminate shootings. Our AI based system can augment existing security cameras and protocols on school premises to detect armed persons through automated alarms and allow security staff to confront and mitigate the situation to ensure campus safety.

Shopping Malls:
Our system can detect armed persons and raise alerts for mall security to address the situation in a timely manner while ensuring shoppers remain calm and continue their shopping.