Artificial intelligence is not entirely new. Concepts to augment human thinking have been around as long as the hieroglyph, but advancements in programming languages, processing power, and our understanding of theory in application are constantly creating new opportunities for the type and extent of human intelligence augmentation. Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) provides the methodologies for implementing machine intelligence.

The SAI core engine’s functionality varies as broadly as the business, operational, and tactical environments in which our clients maneuver. Key to the delivery of intelligent solutions is the development of machine libraries that SAI employs and enriches over time to persistently enhance the intelligence of the tools. SAI’s machine learning uses these libraries for functions like entity extraction and link analysis for gathering insight from unstructured documents and contracts.

What is Machine Learning? ML is the process of taking large amounts of examples, teaching a machine how to act, and generating a result to achieve specific goals.

Deep Learning: Deep learning is a form of machine learning to approximate a human’s perception through training.

Continuous Intelligent Improvement

As intelligent as SAI systems may be, its capacities are constantly improving and learning. Our solutions are more than just a brain behind the wall. Our recursive (R-CNN) and convolutional neural networks (CNN) enable deep learning systems and are fully integrated with preferred interfaces for seamless human-machine interactions. Configuring SAI assistants to process the decisions and execute its goals needs some hands-on design and engineering unique to each type of task and system integration. Once the data and systems are integrated, our engineers “train” the virtual assistant on the rules and logic for the task. Preliminary results are analyzed for errors and efficiencies, and then modified to ensure highly accurate results each time.