Crime has increased dramatically around the world, and we all appear to be living with newly heightened levels of fear and loss of property because of the constant and random acts of violence. We are mostly witnessing these acts in the form of robberies, home invasions, "mass shootings," and "Flash Mob" attacks.

To prevent these harmful incidents, current Closed-Circuit Television Camera systems lack advanced security, efficiencies, and Real-Time communications to appropriate people and authorities.

Seethos’s solution tackles these threats with advanced Artificial Intelligence Multi-Object Detection & Tracking Video Surveillance System with Real-Time 24/7/365 Automatic Alert Communications.

The system seamlessly notifies and sends continuous alerts / updates to the local Law enforcement (911 in the US) and designated personnel in an active situation humanly verified from our command centre until the threat is neutralized.

Seethos’s A.I. Based real time video surveillance with Automatic Alerts is an ideal solution to detect and alert designated personnel. The solution provides:

  • Instantaneous Threat detection
  • Immediate Alerts to Command Center
  • Accurate analysis / Human Verification
  • Seamless communication to law enforcement agencies (911 in the USA), and designated personnel
  • Relays updates in Real Time Active Situation until the threat is neutralized
  • Works with existing cameras
  • Detects variety of Objects including Guns
  • Alerts (from anywhere in the world) go to Centralized Command Centre
  • SMS and WhatsApp integration
The solution protects:
  • Residential Areas
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Industries
  • Public Places
  • Hospitals
  • Malls/Departmental stores

This solution can be implemented at live events and in many other areas or venues.