Democratize artificial intelligence to solve high impact problems.

Our mission is more than a statement made in a board room. We strive to make artificial intelligence more accessible globally and deliver intelligent systems that work to solve problems on all levels. Our mission is integral to our approach, process engineering, data design, and solution integration. Seethos takes pride in delivering actionable insights for our clients.


Our team consists of highly skilled and creative technology, legal, and business minds prepared to take on any challenge. We are constantly working to advance our internal skills and build the best teams for solving the most complex issues our clients face. We do this by taking a kaizen approach – getting hands-on with our clients’ operations and systems to understand their objectives and their issues. We spot opportunities for improvement across all levels of their operations. We cooperatively work to find the best possible solutions and applications to build smart assistants that manage and measure improvements going forward. Our holistic approach ensures a successful delivery while avoiding a myopic one-problem-at-a-time environment. From business development and risk analysis to process design and software engineering, we are intimately involved in the entire process to maximize the quality and effectiveness of our A.I. solutions.


We implement technologies to address business problems and social issues we are passionate about. Our experts come from various walks of life and have experience in helping our clients solve life-changing, culture-shaping, mission-critical issues. We take pride in enabling quality solutions and insights for clients that serve our communities and countries. We are passionate about implementing intelligent technologies to make a better tomorrow.

A highlight of our mission-focused ethos is our access to justice initiative – AskQuria, an A.I. immigration assistant providing instant answers to immigration questions.