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We build customized virtual assistants to help solve high impact business and social problems.

We build customized virtual assistants to help solve high impact business and social problems.

Seethos – Smart AI Assistants at Your Service|

How Does It Work?

Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) is the culmination of advanced platforms, applications, creativity, theory, and algorithms that we employ during our solution production process. Our expertise in leveraging artificial intelligence to solve problems allows us the flexibility to adapt SAI for individual, specific needs through the following process:

Problem/Opportunity Identification

The operational issue or opportunity is defined in business/client terms. We avoid jumping into a technical solution discussion at this point. Our solution engineering methodology begins with a comprehensive understanding of drivers and objectives.

SIPOC Mapping

We use a suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers (SIPOC) based process tool from our Six Sigma toolkit to fully rationalize the central process and requirements. This tool and method allow us to fully engage with our clients the key functions of their operations and minimizes any ambiguity in solution development and integration.

Integration Plan

Computational models and algorithms are selected, refined and developed to address the central process to be augmented. We find that each client’s needs are unique when it comes to the precise models employed, and the resulting intelligent solutions end up processing truly dynamic intelligence engines.

Platform Selection

With the to-be process fully defined at the functional level, we determine the type of artificial intelligence model that will drive the most accurate and intelligent results. This definition of a human-like intelligence solution that can learn, reason, plan, perceive, and process natural language appropriate to the central process significantly defines how the solution will work.

Solution Development

Our solution architects, data scientists, creative minds, and systems engineers design, code, integrate, and test the customized solution. The product of this phase in a process-specific intelligent technology that interprets rational behavior in human-like manner, depending on the specific process and method, is applied.

Intelligence Training

Like any organism, artificial intelligence requires progressive learning. SAI employs a variety of tools, frequently centered on neural networks that train themselves as more data is introduced. These AI engines enhance and create their own algorithms using weighing of neural relatedness as the system advances.


The applications for Seethos Artificial Intelligence are not limited by an industry, vertical, or organization type. We pride ourselves on flexibility in how we employ the most advanced machine learning solutions to solve almost any problem. From video analytics to cognitive computing to reactive machines, our solutions provide a technical and operational advantage unique to the challenge that we hope can make a better tomorrow.


Scholarship, Orientation and Student Metrics

Students and families require a very personalized process for everything from the application process to course selection, to financial aid. These three components alone are formidable tasks that usually take teams of experts at any school, but can all be significantly augmented with the right Seethos Artificial Intelligence.


Financial Services

Financial Services, When Time Is Money
More Personal, More Real

SAI intelligent algorithms can identify deceptive practices and efforts to conceal intent or regulated behavior. This becomes key when a financial services company can be held accountable for the actions of clients or employees who use their services.


Hospitality & Travel

Hospitality & Travel
Global Demand, Individual Expectancy

Seethos Artificial Intelligence solutions are purpose built for each client and service. Seethos Hospitality and Travel technologies address every relevant aspect of hotels, airports, train stations, airlines, and their nearly countless components and functions.



Enterprise/Custom, Broader Solutions
Name Your Problem

The applications for Seethos Artificial Intelligence are not limited by an industry, vertical, or organization type. We pride ourselves on flexibility in how we employ the most advanced machine learning solutions to solve almost any problem.



Legal Demand for Augmented Insights
Seethos Artificial Intelligence Legal Bot - SAIL

SAIL enables law firms and in-house legal departments to work more accurately, more efficiently, and more convincingly to your clients’ advantage through artificial intelligence.


About Us

Seethos is a global emerging technologies firm specializing in artificial intelligence solutions. Our team ranges from business and legal experts to data scientists and full stack developers with experience in various forms of artificial intelligence. We strive for excellence in A.I. development and integration on a multitude of projects and verticals led by our core values and mission. We also strive to train and ensure that our team is dedicated to data protection and provide full transparency to our clients on our process and to meet their needs.


Our mission is more than a statement made in a board room. We strive to make artificial intelligence more accessible globally and deliver intelligent systems that work to solve problems on all levels. Seethos takes pride in delivering actionable insights for our clients.


Our team consists of highly skilled and creative technology, legal, and business minds prepared to take on any challenge. We are constantly working to advance our internal skills and build the best teams for solving the most complex issues our clients face.


We implement technologies to address business problems and social issues we are passionate about. Our experts come from various walks of life and have experience in helping our clients’ solve life-changing, culture-shaping, and mission-critical issues.



  • Seethos artificial intelligence (SAI) and design thinking facilitate the automation and advancement of solving specific problems. Our creativity, process, and solution engineers are experts at capturing operational and logistical inefficiencies, which are then extrapolated to present the opportunities and limitations for augmenting certain functions with SAI. We will define and determine the best fit SAI technology (e.g. chatbot, voice assistant, predictive analytics, image processing and recognition, etc.) to drive accuracy and efficiency based on the unique requirements.
  • Business & Risk Analysis
  • Systems Engineering, Software Development & Integration
  • AI-As-A-Service
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning



Artificial intelligence is not entirely new. Concepts to augment human thinking have been around as long as the hieroglyph, but advancements in programming languages, processing power, and our understanding of theory in application are constantly creating new opportunities for the type and extent of human intelligence augmentation. Seethos Artificial Intelligence (SAI) provides the methodologies for implementing machine intelligence.
The SAI core engine’s functionality varies as broadly as the business, operational, and tactical environments in which our clients maneuver. Key to the delivery of intelligent solutions is the development of machine libraries that SAI employs and enriches over time to persistently enhance the intelligence of the tools. SAI’s machine learning uses these libraries for functions like entity extraction and link analysis for gathering insight from unstructured documents and contracts.


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